Thank you all visitors of the HRC 2016!
We would like to send you our sincere thanks for visiting our exhibition booth during the HRC 2016. Thanks to every visitor of the HRC globally - it was an amazing show! We are honestly touched by your wonderful and positive feedback and by the great interest that we met from all sides. We hope you had a lovely time, even though we might not have perfectly served everybody appropriately due to the great run. We hope you felt at home at our exhibition booth! For everybody that could not make it to the show we will publish our exhibition news starting from tomorrow. A news a day keeps the doctor away. There's lots to talk about, keep on dropping by.

To get a bit of the feeling over to you we have added a couple of photos to our web page that you can see here.

We look forward to seeing you at the next show in Tokyo.

SAYONARA for a while!